Weddings were one of Fonville specialties as a professional photographer.

Promoting himself as the “world’s greatest wedding photographer.” His signature style of following the bride throughout her wedding day, from getting dressed to walking down the aisle to capturing the newlyweds departing for their honeymoon brought a unique authenticity to his photos. Fonville’s goal was to be attentive but unobtrusive. Fonville wrote, “Most people didn’t even know I was there.” He developed a bounce flash technique that he used to give a diffused, soft, and naturalistic lighting effect. His wedding portraits and photos became incredibly popular amongst Baton Rouge society, and he became one of the most highly sought-after wedding photographers in Louisiana (LA State Museum, 2021).

Spanning the decades from the 1940s to the 1980s, Fonville’s wedding photographs reflected the evolving fashion trends in wedding dresses, hairstyles, and make up. And with extensive experience and knowledge of the Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt’s etiquette books, Fonville developed a keen eye for wedding protocols as well. The brides and their families would often consult with him on the details of receiving lines and other traditions of the perfect Southern Wedding. (LA State Museum, 2021).

” You called Fonville first…then you called the church and the minister. If Fonville was booked, you changed the date. “

Mary Manship Gladney

Were you, your mother, or grandmother a Fonville bride?

Many of the original negatives of Fonville’s spectacular wedding photos were given to the respective families after his passing. We would love to connect with these families to help us build our wedding collection. This collection is exclusively for viewing and no photos will be sold. Our goal is to highlight the beauty of his work capturing a bride’s special day and celebrate his legacy. 

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