Fonville was born on August 22, 1911, in Mexico, Missouri, and died September 13, 1992, in Louisiana.

He spent part of his childhood in Fort Worth, Texas, where as a senior in high school, he purchased his first camera, a Kodak 3A model. Armed with this camera, Fonville shortly won $15 in a photography contest which stirred his interest in pursuing photography as a career. 

In 1928, Fonville moved to Louisiana to work in construction with his father. He was fascinated by the exotic feel of the state. He noted,

” It was like being in the darkest Africa- alligators, palmettos, and Spanish moss. I tell you; it really grabbed a hold of me. To me, it as pure adventure, I loved it. “

” Color fades. It rarely lasts more than 25 years. I want my pictures to last. “

Fonville Winans



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